Lawn Care / Mowing

Sutton Place HOA contracts for the maintenance of the landscaping in HOA Common Areas. Included in this is basic maintenance (mowing, weed-eating, hedge trimming,…)of HOA homes from yards.

If you wish your home to be exempt from this maintenance, please contact the Board. Homes wishing to be extempt will have a reflector mounted to the street in front of the home’s driveways.

Please make ALL request/comment regarding their care of your front yards or commons areas near you to .

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Security News

In general, you could just make sure everyone is aware of the new open carry law in effect now (although I haven’t seen one person walking around with it, and personally think its smarter for licensed people to keep it concealed).We do have the occasional home burglary during the day in the area, so we really encourage people to be observant and call in any suspicious person/vehicle. We certainly don’t mind checking it out, even if it doesn’t pan out. As far as car burglaries, people should keep their doors locked, and hide their valuables or take them in every night. It will make them less of a target. We are also starting to see more and more people invest in home surveillance cameras. These are great, and help us tremendously, as well as make the homeowner less of a target.

Neighborhood Police Officer John Capers


The neighborhood Police Officer, or NPO, is a Garland police officer who is responsible for a specified area and is able to deal with ongoing problems in that area.

The Neighborhood Police Officer for Sutton Place is Officer John Capers. He Can be reached at or 972-485-4883

Video of Dam Removal